At one point or ano­t­her, most com­pa­nies need to sell their pro­duct. This can be done in a num­ber of ways. One of the­se ways is to natu­ral­ly pro­du­ce an adver­ti­sing video that showca­ses the pro­duct or brand in the best way pos­sib­le. At Produced by, we have many years of expe­ri­en­ce in pro­ducing such videos.

We are used to desig­ning campaigns from the gro­und up, whe­re, after an intro­ductory mee­ting, we make a pre­sen­ta­tion and pre­pa­re a pro­posal for an enti­re campaign. We also have vast expe­ri­en­ce in being pre­sen­ted rea­dy ideas that actu­al­ly only need to be car­ri­ed out. In both cases, we put toget­her the film crew that, in our opi­ni­on, can sol­ve the task in the best way pos­sib­le, and then we pro­du­ce the film.

The dif­fe­rent types of adver­ti­sing films Produced By has exten­si­ve expe­ri­en­ce in include:

  • Brand-ori­en­ted
  • Strategic
  • Online
  • Branded con­tent.


Brand ori­en­ted adver­ti­sing films that build reputation

The objecti­ve some­ti­mes is to only build awa­re­ness of a brand or to qui­te sim­ply rai­se its pro­fi­le. This is typi­cal­ly done using high-end films that pre­sent the brand in the con­te­xt that you would like to promote.


Strategic adver­ti­sing videos focu­sing on sale

The pur­po­se of other videos is to gene­ra­te very spe­ci­fic sales. These videos typi­cal­ly deal with a certain pro­duct or sea­so­nal pro­duct, whe­re it is important to gene­ra­te awa­re­ness during a certain peri­od of time. These are pri­ma­rily very tar­ge­ted sales videos.

Advertising videos can create awareness or generate sale
Online advertising videos recreates interest

Online adver­ti­sing videos that cre­a­tes awareness

Online adver­ti­sing videos have taken the wor­ld by storm in recent years, among other thin­gs, powe­red by the growth of the soci­al media. In this con­te­xt, it is typi­cal­ly important to pro­du­ce reci­pi­ent-ori­en­ted videos that can live on for lon­ger peri­ods of time. You could pos­sibly do this by pro­ducing the videos in dif­fe­rent vari­a­tions of the same con­cept, which will then con­ti­nue to gene­ra­te, time and again, renewed inte­r­est in the content.

Branded con­tent adver­ti­sing videos

Videos that tell an inte­r­e­sting docu­men­tary or ficti­tious story, whe­re the com­pa­ny behind plays a less con­spi­cuous role For examp­le, this can be the story of a com­pa­ny that has set out to build the per­fect sur­f­bo­ard, whe­re the main cha­ra­cters use a Ford as means of trans­porta­tion throug­hout the enti­re film. Even if the main focus is actu­al­ly somewhe­re else, it is the Ford that is being adver­ti­sed for here.

Would you like to know more?

We cre­a­te adver­ti­sing videos for all kinds of pock­ets and bud­gets and natu­ral­ly adapt the visu­al look to the respecti­ve pro­duct and brand. Produced By would glad­ly attend a non-bin­ding mee­ting, whe­re we can discuss various options and directions.

If you would like to know more, do not hesi­ta­te to con­ta­ct us on telep­ho­ne31 33 21 50 or by email

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