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About us

Produced By was foun­ded in 2014 by Ege Heckmann, Jens Formann and Annika Lund Jensen. Produced By is based in Copenhagen, we pro­du­ce com­merci­als, portraits and dro­ne films.

We’re a cre­a­ti­ve col­lecti­ve of pro­du­cers, directors, pho­to­grap­hers, edi­tors and colour gra­ders who stri­ve to make impa­ct­ful and eye-cat­ching films for both small and lar­ge com­pa­nies. We’re down to earth, and we always work clo­se­ly with our cli­ents and partners—from first idea to final handover.

Our vision has always been to make films that have a posi­ti­ve impa­ct on socie­ty. But, in 2019 we deci­ded that our pro­duction should as well. For that rea­son, we’ve deve­l­oped the con­cept Green films. By using gre­en ener­gy and eco-fri­end­ly trans­port, ser­ving vegan food and cut­ting down on pack­ag­ing, we try to cau­se no unne­ces­sary harm in our production.

We offer:
Green movie pro­duction
Advertising videos
Drone films

You are always more than welco­me to con­ta­ct us.